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With the announcement of America starting to go back to work in the 3 phases, and Cruises expected to resume in June & July , now is a good time to investigate what you want to do for a vacation.....call us 239-770-0154

We are all in this together.


These are unprecedented times, and news reports indicate that the travel industry is among the hardest hit due to the COVID-19 situation. 

At NeilsTravel.com & UnderPricedCruises.com, we want to remind you to be as positive as possible, and know that like all hard times, this too will pass. 

We ask that you listen to the advice given to all citizens by the authorities to protect yourself and others from the virus. Practice social distancing, step-up your hygiene measures, and keep abreast of the news about the Coronavirus at both the local and national levels. 

We suggest you take a break from this Coronavirus and think about the future. Think about when things return to normal and what you and your family might want to do for vacation or for a family celebration for getting through this history making 2020 Coronavirus pandemic. Thinking positively about the future and planning something fun and exciting can only help keep your mind off of this current negativity. 

Actually, NOW is a perfect time to plan for your family get-a-way and vacation.  Why, because thinking about good things and dreaming about fun and fun times is extremely healthy and exciting. With our help, you can plan a return to normal vacationing or maybe you’d prefer to shake it up a bit and start hitting bucket list things, Either way, we can help plan and secure you some industry low rates right now. We are available to take your calls for help planning or just answering questions. We have information about rates, types of trips, and destinations. Make the most of this quiet time while working from home and be ahead of the game when everything returns to normal.  

Let's stick together, support and encourage each other, and look for the bright side in the challenging days ahead. NeilsTravel.com & UnderPricedCruises.com 239-770-0154

NeilsTravel.com & UnderPricedCruises.com


During this uncertain Coronavirus pandemic, NeilsTravel.com & UnderPricedCruises.com are here to help you, our valued customers, family & friends. We are just a phone call away and have all of the latest cancels, restrictions and refunds/rescheduling. Remember, you have a Professional Travel Agency looking out for your best interest and taking care of your needs instead of you hanging on the phone for hours trying to get answers or cancel or change travel.  

All Cruises are Postponed & International Air Travel Restricted Until?

As everyone on planet earth should already be aware of, all cruise lines have temporarily postponed cruise schedules/trips due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. And international air flights are also cancelled and restricted to various international locations. 

First, the cruise industry joined the word effort to help defeat the Coronavirus Pandemic by voluntarily postponing all cruises due to the Coronavirus Pandemic declared by CDC & WHO. 

Second, President Trump and other world leaders have banned international air travel to and from the United States all of Europe, Asia & UK are the major areas. 

Neil’sTravel.com & UnderpricedCruises.com has all of the cancellation and refund policies and is helping guide our customers who were affected by there postponements through refunds and rebooking per each customers preference. If the lines are busy, please email and we will call you. 

God Bless Everyone and we will get through this Coronavirus Pandemic and business will resume to normal as we defeat this pandemic together. 

Major Cruise Lines Suspending Operations fleet wide until May 11, 2020


Viking Cruise Lines & Princess Cruise Lines announced today 3-12-2020 that they are suspending fleetwide cruises until 5-11-2020 due to the Coronavirus. Both cruise lines are offering generous future cruise credits along with 100% refunds. 

Travel experts think other major cruise lines will follow since the U.S. State Department has asked U.S. Citizens to not cruise for 3 weeks, to combat the Coronavirus infections. 

United States of America announced a 30-day Airline Travel Ban from Europe


Last Night 3-11-2020 President Donald Trump announced a 30-day airline travel Ban from Europe starting 3-13-2020 through 4-12-2020, In addition to other economic measures all designed to help combat the Coronavirus. The President also suggested that U.S. Citizens avoid large groups and events and older Americans to be extra cautious as the Coronavirus is more serious on the older population. 

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Is the Coronavirus as bad as the Media Hype Says?


The Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) updates the Coronavirus. 

As of 3-11-2020 the CDC said worldwide there is 110,000 cases of Coronavirus and 3,740 deaths for a 3.4% death rate. In the U.S., 34 states have at least 1 Coronavirus case and the total known current cases in the US are 500 with 19 deaths for a 3.8% death rate. According to the CDC, in the U.S. half of the Coronavirus cases are in California & Washington State. And 18 of the deaths are in Washington State where 13 deaths were in a assisted living retirement home 

In Italy, where 23% of all residents are over 65 years of age, the oldest population percentage in all of Europe they are reporting 9,172 Coronavirus cases with 463 deaths for a 5% death rate. The Italy government has locked down the country to stop the virus.

World wide 80% of the Coronavirus infections are mild and those infected recovers quickly and are fine within a few days.  Most say it is a simple cold and have zero complications. Then the remaining 20% can be been sick longer and require hospitalization and those in that remaining 20% infected category that have some serious preexisting health conditions have a higher death rate.  And the good news s less than 2% of people under the age of 19 are affected.

The U.S.State Dept. is recommending U.S. passengers not cruise because of the 3 cruise ships that had Coronavirus cases even though the cruise industry met with the Whitehouse & CDC and the WHO and agreed to refuse any passengers that have been in any infected areas for the past 21 days and the cruise industry is stepping up screening procedures from temperature monitoring on everyone boarding to other stringent healthcare screenings. Keeping any potential infections off the ships and doing over-time disinfecting the ships. In addition to all of the new in place safety screenings some U.S.companies are informing their employees if they chose to cruise or travel over-seas they will have to stay home without pay for an additional 14 days when returning back to the U.S. as a self-quarantine measure to protect their fellow workers from being infected. 

So many in the travel industry think this Coronavirus is being over hyped as the flu season actually has more deaths and infections than the coronavirus but it truly is a personal decision each person should make based on their own research and their own health conditions. As the cruise industry is bending over backwards allowing passengers to cancel & change their cruise plans without any loss of funds or penalties. And more good news is if you decided to move forward to cruise the cruise lines are offering onboard incentives like onboard credits and less expensive cabins. So research and make your own informed decision. 

Ongoing Coronavirus Updates 3-5-2020


Diamond Princess: 3,700 Passengers & crew  705 infected   Six Deaths

January 20, 2020 Diamond Princess, operated by Princess Cruises, had a 80-year-old passenger from Hong Kong, embarked in Yokohama, and disembarked in Hong Kong on January 25, 2020. 

February 01, 2020, six days after leaving the ship, he visited a Hong Kong hospital, where he tested positive for SARS-CoV-2

February 04, 2020, Ship Quarantined. The ship was due to depart Yokohama for its next cruise but announced a delay to allow Japanese authorities to test passengers and crew still on board.

February 04, 2020, the authorities announced positive test results for SARS-CoV-2 for ten people onboard, and the cruise was cancelled, and 3,700 passengers & crew entered a quarantine.

February 07, 2020 thru February 27, 2020 during the quarantine, 705 passengers & crew tested positive for SARS-CoV-2.

March 01, 2020 All passengers & crew were removed from the ship where they were placed in an additional 14-day quarantine before being released to go home.

February 20, 2020, two passengers died from the virus complications. 

February 23, 2020, a third passenger died from virus complications. Those three passengers were Japanese citizens in their 80s.

February 25, 2020 a fourth passenger, an elderly Japanese man died.

February 28, 2020, the fifth fatality, a British national died and the sixth a Australian national, who was evacuated from the ship, died on March 01, 2020. died in Australia.

Sun Princess: 2,000 Passengers & Crew 0 infected 0 Deaths

February 13, 2020 Sun Princess, operated by Princess Cruise was not allowed to dock at a port in Madagascar because it had visited Thailand, but there were NO cases of coronavirus. 

March 01, 2020, the ship docked at Reunion island where passengers were met by a crowd of 30+ locals who insisted that the passengers not be allowed off the ship. Princess cruises tried to assured the locals there were no cases of the virus onboard, but the locals wanted proof and tried to prevent passengers or crew from leaving the port area by throwing projectiles at passengers and the local police until the local police deployed tear gas. The Princess Cruise ship departed on time from Reunion and days after that event all passengers & crew were still testing negative for the coronavirus.

Word Dream:   3,800 Passengers & Crew  0 infected  0 Deaths

January 19, 2020, World Dream, operated by Dream Cruises, Hong Kong, had three passengers confirmed to have been infected by SARS-CoV-2 who were aboard during the early part of the outbreak, from January 19 to 24th,  2020. Whom debarked in Hong Kong on January 24, 2020.

February 05, 2020, 3,800 World Dream passengers and crew were put under quarantine on board the ship at Hong Kong's Kai Tak Cruise Terminal after its port of call was blocked in Kaohsiung. 

February 09, 2020, the quarantine was lifted after all passengers & crew tests were negative. 

Westerdam  2,257 Passengers & Crew 0 infected 0 deaths 

February 01, 2020 the Westerdam cruise ship, operated by  Holland America, leaves port in Hong Kong. 

February 05, 2020 thru February 13, 2020 the Westerdam is denied entry in Thailand, Philippines, and Japan & Guam because of fears that those aboard could spread coronavirus, now known as COVID-19.

Holland America Line said no cases of the disease have been confirmed among the more than 2,200 passengers and crew on board. due to coronavirus fears.

February 14, 2020 the Westerdam passengers & crew dock and end the cruise in Cambodia, 14 days and no ports allowing the Westerdam to dock, and zero cases of COVID-19. 

Grand Princess 3,500 Passengers & Crew 2 Infected 1 Deaths from 2-11-2- cruise

February 11, 2020 thru February 21, 2020 Grand Princess operated by Princes Cruises, had a Baja California Mexican cruise whereas the 80 year old man who sailed from Feb. 11-21 had underlying health conditions and spent nearly a week at home before being taken to the hospital by ambulance on Feb. 27, 2020. He later [passed away in the hospital.  

February 11 thru February 21, 22020, another California resident who was on the same trip also has been found to be infected and that person is currently hospitalized. 

February 21, 2020 thru March 05, 2020 the Grand Princess on it’s Hawaii roundtrip cruise has been routed just off the coast of San Francisco and being held off land until testing can be concluded on the current onboard passengers as 64 of those passengers were also on the Baja Mexico previous sailing where two confirmed cases of the virus has occurred after the cruise ended.

March 05, 2020 the Grand Princess is still being held off of the California coast while passengers & crew are screened and tested for the virus. Currently 11 passengers and 10 crew members have symptoms and are awaiting testing. Future info will be made available as testing results and decisions are made. 

Costa Smeralda 3,800 passengers & crew  0 infected 0 deaths

January 20, 2020, the Costa Smeralda. Operated by Costa Cruise Lines, and her 6,000 passengers were quarantined at the Italian port of Civitavecchia following two suspected cases of SARS-CoV-2 (coronavirus). 

A spokesperson from Costa Cruises stated that a 54-year-old woman aboard the cruise ship was suffering from a fever and that she and her husband were both being tested. They were found to be uninfected by SARS-CoV-2 and passengers were allowed to go on shore the next day and the quarantine was lifted. 

Costa Serena  4,000 passengers & crew 0 infected 0 deaths

January 24, 2020 Costa Serena, operated by Costa Cruise Lines, had 15 passengers aboard that were showing signs of potential coronavirus infection. The ship arrived at its destination Tianjin on 25 January. With 17 January 25, 2020, the cruise ship was locked down, passengers screened and checked for the coronavirus and no cases of the virus surfaced and passengers were allowed to disembark. 

AIDAaura 1600 Passengers & Crew  0 infected 0 deaths

March 03, 2020, AIDAaura, The German cruise ship company with around 1,200 passengers onboard, was being held at the harbour of Haugesund, Norway because 2 German passengers, who were not displaying symptoms, but had been in contact with a person who subsequently developed Covid-19 were being tested for coronavirus. Their tests came back negative and the ship and passengers were released. 

Anthem of the Seas  4,180 Passengers & Crew 0 infected  0 deaths

February 07, 2020 Anthem of the Seas, operated by Royal Caribbean International, had to delay its next voyage for 4 days while 4 previous passengers were tested for the coronavirus. All test came back negative and the Anthem of the Seas departed for a revised cruise on Monday February 10, 2020. 

MSC Meraviglia   4,400 Passengers & Crew  0 infected 0 deaths

February 25, 2020, cruise ship Meraviglia operated by MSC Cruises was scheduled to dock in Jamaica and was denied docking privileges because a crew member had like flu symptoms and Jamaica Health Ministry was fearful it was the Coronavirus. 

February 26, 2020.  Meraviglia was once again refused docking privileges by Grand Cayman Health Ministry again because of the 1 crew person with flu like symptoms, and coronavirus testing was negative. 

February 27, 2020 the Meravigilia docked in Cozumel Mexico without incident and passengers allowed to explore as normal since as reported to the other ports the test for the virus was negative from the start. 

Travel Advisory China Coronavirus Outbreak




The Travel Industry has taken great precautions to make sure travelers are not exposed to the coronavirus. From international airline flights to cruise lines and cruise ships, they have all added additional proactive health screening. In addition, airlines and cruise ships have all but stopped going into affected areas and are refusing passengers from infected areas.  

The few cruise ships that had been held in quarantine due to the Coronavirus have all been released and thoroughly cleaned. As an extra precaution to those cruise ships that did have passenger exposure to the Coronavirus, the ships are being cleaned and sterilized plus they are staying empty for several weeks before allowing new passengers onboard, to make sure the coronavirus incubation period is over and the cruise ship is totally free of any virus.

Never Underestimate the Value of an Experienced Travel Agent


In the Age of Information, sometimes we forget humans can guide us with expertise no Internet can do.  As valuable as the Web is, especially for research, it is NOT a live professional travel agent. Travel agents not only provide experience, but they lock in deals that come along, as they know the real deals.  

Common Questions: Why not book direct Value & Costs

Book with a Cruise Line Direct -OR- Book using a Travel Agency:

The VALUE of using www.NeilsTravel.com and/or www.UnderPricedCruises.com

The VALUE of using www.NeilsTravel.com and/or www.UnderPricedCruises.com


The main difference between a cruise line sales rep. booking you a cruise versus your personal professional travel agent is simple.

The cruise line employee is working for the cruise line whereas your travel agent is working for you and has your best interests first. 

Most cruise line sales reps only know what their computer screen is telling them. Most have never been on a cruise!  

Our cruise specialists have been onboard and taken lots of cruises.  We can offer our first-hand advice, and guidance saving headaches and money. 

The VALUE of using www.NeilsTravel.com and/or www.UnderPricedCruises.com

The VALUE of using www.NeilsTravel.com and/or www.UnderPricedCruises.com

The VALUE of using www.NeilsTravel.com and/or www.UnderPricedCruises.com

www. NeilsTravel.com  and/or 

www. UnderPricedCruises.com; 

is an established travel & cruise agency.

Our agency has access to special rates where we can help save you money and time.  

Both, www. Neils Travel & www. Under Priced Cruises, monitors fares and promotions, so we know where & what the deals are. Saving you Time & Money!

And for our small onetime $25 booking fee, we will continue monitoring the price you paid for your trip. And if it goes down before the final payment date, we will get you the lower price, assuming everything remains the same.  

Does it cost you more money to book with our travel agency?

The VALUE of using www.NeilsTravel.com and/or www.UnderPricedCruises.com

Does it cost you more money to book with our travel agency?

 While the bulk of a travel agent's income comes from commissions paid by the travel supplier and cruise lines, most travel agents also charge a small service fee ($25 to $50) for their time and effort, though not all do. 

Most travel agents who do charge a small booking fee actually offer more services like constant price reviews, where they will monitor your trip or cruise fare and, if the price drops, alert you to the difference and try to get you a refund, onboard credit or an upgrade depending on the suppliers policy. Other Travel Agencies like it when you pay a higher price as their commission is higher. 

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Our travel agency provides personal service to book cruises, dream vacations, group and corporate travel. We have over 40 years of travel planning experience and lots & lots of happy satisfied clients, we call friends! 

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